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Quality vs. quantity? Part 1: golf

I chose to write about this topic, thus the balance between quality and quantity, because it is so closely related to many elements of my own life. As a former golf player and a current marketing specialist I have several times stopped and started to think about the right balance between quality and quantity. When it is the quality of training that matters and when it is more important to concentrate on the quantity of training?


Pearls of golf at Lake Garda

Garda Lake has been my golf holiday destination for number of times. It all started when I decided to spend one year studying in the University in Trento, less than an hour away from the Garda Lake. Because of the special climate of Lake Garda, several courses are open year round. Northern Italy, the Dolomites and Lake Garda are incredibly beautiful for their scenery and landscapes.

I have played plenty of courses at Lake Garda but here are my three favorites: Arzaga, Gardagolf and Chervò Golf San Vigilio.

Picture – worth thousand words also in golf course marketing

I have many times wondered why some great golf courses have so incredibly substandard websites. Thinking about greenfee players and visitors, website is often an important resource of information and also a good way to promote the course. How do we choose the courses that we want to play? We probably read some golf course guidebooks or ask information from our acquaintances but most probably we also want to go to Internet and check the websites. We also want to see PICTURES of the course. Still, there are a lot of golf course websites that do not include almost at all pictures of the course.