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Observe – learn – love

What is creativity? Where do our ideas and innovations come from? It’s been a while since my last blog post. It would be easy to  say that I’ve skipped blog writing because I’ve been busy with my work and hobbies… Yes, that’s maybe part of the story but the other part for sure is the […]

Would you tell me a story?

Storytelling, touching stories, company life and success stories and stories about famous persons fascinate us. But why can we hardly find these kinds of stories on company websites or brochures? Newspapers and reviews publish them every now and then and make us to spread the word about them and to share them in social media. Why do not companies use these stories as a tool in their marketing?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As a child we look at our lives with wonder and awe, our hearts are full of happiness and our imagination is endless. When we grow up why do all the negative things, problems and difficulties take so much space from that happiness? The problem is that we have forgotten to feel the gratitude.

In vino veritas – In wine there is the truth

I spent 1,5 weeks this July travelling all around Tuscany and Liguria. I already presented the famous horse race Palio di Siena but another memorable moment of this holiday was our visit in the vineyard of Antico Colle in Montepulciano by the vast hills of Tuscan countryside.

Learning languages – passion as a driving force

Foreign languages are my passion – and I also really enjoy studying them, and I do it constantly. Without bragging about myself too much I believe that during all these years I have gained some experience about some good methods that have helped me in the learning process. The reason to love the language is the rule number one. That reason may be any.

Running for a reason

London Olympics begin to be over. It has been a great event, which has led many of us to sit in front of the telly for hours watching performances of the best athletes in the world. We all have our favorite sports that we prefer to follow and athletes that we like to encourage towards excellent performances. What makes us to admire certain athletes and to hope that they succeed? And which athletes get the best sponsors and which the most media coverage?

Doing something meaningful.

Thanks to the 8-hour flight from New York I managed to finish the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. Like I already said before , this book is probably one of the most inspiring business books I have read in my life! It is extremely motivating, encouraging and it for sure puts you to think about the balance between work and your everyday life.