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It’s cold, it’s white and it’s part of my life. The snowy winter.

It’s cold, it’s white and it’s part of my life. We all are different and we all have our own opinions and places where we like to be. I love sun, warm weather and blossoming flowers but I still couldn’t imagine the life without a snowy, crispy and cold winter – it’s a period that my body, my soul and my mind need.


Sneakers, park and a city that is waking up

A park in the morning – what kind of place it is? For me it is a place where you can feel the fresh air, admire the beautiful nature, meet like-minded people and above all, absorb a huge amount of positive energy and attitude for the rest of the day. So – that is why the morning runs in Rome and New York are among the ten best travel memories of my summer 2012.

Libertà. L’aria fresca. Tranquillità. Feel the freedom by the snowy peaks.

There are people who dream about a life by the sea, in a warm place where you can feel the humid fresh air and see the infine blue sea. And then there are the ones who adore the mighty mountain peaks, topped with snow and offering incredibly beautiful paroramas.

Autumn child

It is the time of the year when daytime is getting shorter, weather is getting colder and summer holidays are almost gone. It is the point when summer is turning into autumn. I chose to write about this topic not only because we are approaching the turn point between these two brilliant seasons, autumn and summer, but also because I love autumn and its characteristics and I could not imagine a year without this lovely season.