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Sneakers, park and a city that is waking up

A park in the morning – what kind of place it is? For me it is a place where you can feel the fresh air, admire the beautiful nature, meet like-minded people and above all, absorb a huge amount of positive energy and attitude for the rest of the day. So – that is why the morning runs in Rome and New York are among the ten best travel memories of my summer 2012.


In vino veritas – In wine there is the truth

I spent 1,5 weeks this July travelling all around Tuscany and Liguria. I already presented the famous horse race Palio di Siena but another memorable moment of this holiday was our visit in the vineyard of Antico Colle in Montepulciano by the vast hills of Tuscan countryside.

Libertà. L’aria fresca. Tranquillità. Feel the freedom by the snowy peaks.

There are people who dream about a life by the sea, in a warm place where you can feel the humid fresh air and see the infine blue sea. And then there are the ones who adore the mighty mountain peaks, topped with snow and offering incredibly beautiful paroramas.

Pearls of summer 2012 – Palio di Siena

This Sunday morning I was supposed to go to play golf but since it keeps raining non-stop I decided to spend a relaxing morning at home and make a summary of some the best moments and events of this summer. I chose to write down ten things that first game to my mind and here is the first one – Palio di Siena.

Eyes wide open – the city of reflections and diversity

New York has for long been one of the destinations I have been eager to see and experience and now I finally did that. I walked in this city with eyes wide open because it offers so much to see. At the same time you can see a luxurious clothing stores, wealthy and young people eating in fine restaurants but also homeless people laying on the streets or poor street musicians trying to make their living by playing on subways. Most importantly I could see things that I do not see in my home country in Finland.

Environmental catastrophe or tourist attraction?

Over six months have passed since the disaster of Costa Corcordia – Italian cruise ship that partially sank just off the coast of Isola del Giglio in Tuscany. There has been a lot of discussion about the possible environmental risks that the shipwreck could cause to the surrounding environment and the Island of Giglio. But has the shipwreck helped the island to become a real tourist attraction?

Italian traffic – chaos or flexible creativity? Check out the Clet!

I have just spent one week holiday driving all around Italy and visiting some of my favorite cities and points of interests. When I told to my friends that I was going to rent a car in ITALY and travel all around the country with three of my finnish female friends, I was faced with concerned comments. Well, there might be a point to be concerned, if you are not ready to change your driving attitude to more flexible direction than the Finnish one.