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Would you tell me a story?

Storytelling, touching stories, company life and success stories and stories about famous persons fascinate us. But why can we hardly find these kinds of stories on company websites or brochures? Newspapers and reviews publish them every now and then and make us to spread the word about them and to share them in social media. Why do not companies use these stories as a tool in their marketing?


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As a child we look at our lives with wonder and awe, our hearts are full of happiness and our imagination is endless. When we grow up why do all the negative things, problems and difficulties take so much space from that happiness? The problem is that we have forgotten to feel the gratitude.

It’s cold, it’s white and it’s part of my life. The snowy winter.

It’s cold, it’s white and it’s part of my life. We all are different and we all have our own opinions and places where we like to be. I love sun, warm weather and blossoming flowers but I still couldn’t imagine the life without a snowy, crispy and cold winter – it’s a period that my body, my soul and my mind need.

Sneakers, park and a city that is waking up

A park in the morning – what kind of place it is? For me it is a place where you can feel the fresh air, admire the beautiful nature, meet like-minded people and above all, absorb a huge amount of positive energy and attitude for the rest of the day. So – that is why the morning runs in Rome and New York are among the ten best travel memories of my summer 2012.

Libertà. L’aria fresca. Tranquillità. Feel the freedom by the snowy peaks.

There are people who dream about a life by the sea, in a warm place where you can feel the humid fresh air and see the infine blue sea. And then there are the ones who adore the mighty mountain peaks, topped with snow and offering incredibly beautiful paroramas.

Pearls of summer 2012 – Palio di Siena

This Sunday morning I was supposed to go to play golf but since it keeps raining non-stop I decided to spend a relaxing morning at home and make a summary of some the best moments and events of this summer. I chose to write down ten things that first game to my mind and here is the first one – Palio di Siena.

Learning languages – passion as a driving force

Foreign languages are my passion – and I also really enjoy studying them, and I do it constantly. Without bragging about myself too much I believe that during all these years I have gained some experience about some good methods that have helped me in the learning process. The reason to love the language is the rule number one. That reason may be any.