This Sunday morning I was supposed to go to play golf but since it keeps raining non-stop I decided to spend a relaxing morning at home and make a summary of some the best moments and events of this summer. I chose to write down ten things that first game to my mind and here is the first one – Palio di Siena.


Foreign languages are my passion – and I also really enjoy studying them, and I do it constantly. Without bragging about myself too much I believe that during all these years I have gained some experience about some good methods that have helped me in the learning process. The reason to love the language is the rule number one. That reason may be any.

It is the time of the year when daytime is getting shorter, weather is getting colder and summer holidays are almost gone. It is the point when summer is turning into autumn. I chose to write about this topic not only because we are approaching the turn point between these two brilliant seasons, autumn and summer, but also because I love autumn and its characteristics and I could not imagine a year without this lovely season.

London Olympics begin to be over. It has been a great event, which has led many of us to sit in front of the telly for hours watching performances of the best athletes in the world. We all have our favorite sports that we prefer to follow and athletes that we like to encourage towards excellent performances. What makes us to admire certain athletes and to hope that they succeed? And which athletes get the best sponsors and which the most media coverage?

I chose to write about this topic, thus the balance between quality and quantity, because it is so closely related to many elements of my own life. As a former golf player and a current marketing specialist I have several times stopped and started to think about the right balance between quality and quantity. When it is the quality of training that matters and when it is more important to concentrate on the quantity of training?

Thanks to the 8-hour flight from New York I managed to finish the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. Like I already said before , this book is probably one of the most inspiring business books I have read in my life! It is extremely motivating, encouraging and it for sure puts you to think about the balance between work and your everyday life.

New York has for long been one of the destinations I have been eager to see and experience and now I finally did that. I walked in this city with eyes wide open because it offers so much to see. At the same time you can see a luxurious clothing stores, wealthy and young people eating in fine restaurants but also homeless people laying on the streets or poor street musicians trying to make their living by playing on subways. Most importantly I could see things that I do not see in my home country in Finland.